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country House in Viterbo area

10 hectares of Etruscan necropolis, 50 ideas for the future.
There are cows and pigs, hay in the barn, and if you also want to put the needle in the haystack. Horses, in large quantities and in no particular order. There are olive trees, singing birds and wild orchids.
There is the necropolis, with its graves, San Potente, the Clodia and tunnels: and then, caves, ravines, cliffs and gorges for young explorers, or for those who want to get lost in time. There are bees: how many, if you will, the count you.
There is the river, the woods, the gorge, Sasso Pinzuto and the nature trail that connects them ... or there are meadows amounts to lie in the sun after lunch, or look at the stars after dinner, here shine more, because in the evening there is also the dark.
There are rooms with glass walls overlooking the valley which makes it unnecessary furniture, and there Tuscania and night always seems a crib. And then, when it is the season, puppies, kittens, foals, calves, pigs, flowers ... Children, those, almost always: bring even yours, and you will lose count of how many they are.
There is a restaurant without dining room, with only the kitchen and a huge garden where to put the table as it is with the right amount of shade or sun, or both. There is the avenue of ash trees, that it seems like yesterday that were as big as pencils and now you can pass under carriage. There is the sun, the rain, the wind; there is a heaven to watch for omens of every race and creed.
There's food: steaks, hams, vegetables that feel to graze directly in the garden, and the oil of how good it feels to New York. The quince, almonds, prickly pears, blackberries. There are walnuts, walnut liqueur for us in San Giovanni, pomegranates and jujubes Also, if you prefer the stock, however, we also do that.

Buffet breakfast
connected rooms
Rooms/facilities for disabled
Cellar wine
Vegetarian menu
Rental bikes
Transfer services
Small pets allowed
Luggage transport

country House in Viterbo area

Località Quarticciolo 01017 Tuscania (VT)

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