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Resort in Fermo area

Resort in Fermo area

The Estate is the result of the long, painstaking renovation of a farmhouse that had been abandoned for twenty-five years. Today the estate stands in the simple harmony of the regularity of the ancient houses of the Fermo area, still present in the rural territory dominating these lands, witnessing the agricultural heritage of Le Marche.
Natural limestone, terracotta bricks, wood and materials recycled from abandoned houses all valorise the cultural and naturalistic heritage of the territory.
Twenty-five finely decorated suites offer a panoramic view, unforgettable sunsets and the play of light and shade stretching as far as the eye can see, enveloped in the scents of vineyards, olive groves and orchards.
42 hectares (103 acres) of pure beauty: the suites are carefully linked by paths, giving life to an intersection of suggestive vegetation corridors, where you can enjoy wonderful walks in nature.
The harmonious combination of an exclusive bespoke service, excellent food and comfortable rooms is a fine example of the pleasures provided by the discreet art of welcoming.

Meeting e convention
Business lunch/dinner
Air conditioning
Buffet breakfast
Cellar wine
Vegetarian menu
Common room
Conference hall
Small pets allowed

Resort in Fermo area

Contrada Montemilone 1 63833 Montegiorgio (FM)

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