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Guided tour of Corciano in umbria

Guided tour of Corciano

Where Umbria is yet to be discovered!

The village, with its network of alleys and narrow staircases, with the color of Its stones, with legible signs of Its History, is a manufactured product of a harmoni-ous earth burns with life and faith. Of Particular Importance are the Municipal Palace, originally the residence of the dukes of Corgna, which preserves valuable decorations, Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, a former representative of the dominant Perugia, flanked by the Palazzo dei Priori and Merchants. Then there are Coragino Square, where there is a beautiful circular well of the sixteenth century, the church of Santa Maria Assunta of the thirteenth century in cui are preserved two paintings of great value: the Gonfalone of Benedetto Bonfigli and the Assumption of Perugino.


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