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Viist of Arrone Umbria

Visit of Arrone

Among the water and the rocks!

Arrone derives its name from the family of nobles Arroni, who founded it in sec. IX A.D. Located on a hill off in the Park of the River Nera, very closet o the Marmore waterfalls, hosts the castle of Arroni’s family, built in the ninth century A.D. Around the castle was built the nucleus of the village, dominated for a long time by the Roman noble family. In the streets of downtown intact there are the signs of the time: the bell tower, the civic tower "of the olive trees", the fourteenth century church of Saint John the Baptist, the collegiate century Santa Maria Assunta and the ex convent of San Francesco. Here you can find also buildings of architectural value in which frescoes remain influenced by the school of and Filippo Lippi, one of the most important italia painter.

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