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Visita Santa Fiora

Santa Fiora

Santa Fiora

The water borgo
Santa Fiora is a beautiful borgo of ancient origins at the foot of Mount Amiata, developed around the springs of the Fiora river and also known as the "the water borgo". The small but charming historic center developed on a hill and is divided into three areas: Castello, Borgo and Montecatino which slope down towards the river springs. The Castello represents the oldest part of the town. Its original Medieval square is dominated by the remains of the fortified buildings and the Palazzo dei conti Sforza Cesarini of the sixteenth century, now the town hall. The Borgo area offers a splendid panoramic view of the Fiora valley, Monte Calvo and Monte Labbro, while passing through Porta San Michele, you arrive in the area of ​​Montecatino, the newest part of the 'old quarter'. Santa Fiora also boasts the presence in its territory of the Bagnore 3 geothermal power plant, an imposing work of contemporary architecture built at the turn of the millennium, which stands in harmony with the surrounding landscape.