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Guided tour of Nuoro

In the heart of Barbagia!

Nùoro, nestling in the green foothills of Monte Ortobene lies in a land steeped in ancient history, witnessed by the eerie domus de janas and nuraghes dotting its hinterland. Indeed, the countryside has yielded a rich booty of stone axes, pottery and obsidian blades. To learn about the area’s folk traditions, visit the Museo Etnografico, which has several rooms with traditional costumes, the carnival masks of Barbagia, hand-woven carpets and artistic bread and sweets. But Nuoro also has a very modern cultural establishment; the Museo d'Arte provincia Nuoro (MAN) in recent years has become one of the most lively and exciting place for contemporary art exhibitions. With its permanent collection of works by the best Sardinian artists, and rich calendar of temporary exhibitions MAN attracts growing numbers of visitors. Finally, drive up Monte Ortobene, a nature oasis on whose summit stands the statue of Cristo Redentore (Christ the Redeemer), celebrated by a great festival in the last week in August.

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