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Hazelnut cooking lesson

Hazelnut cooking lesson

I love "nocciola Italiana"!

Irma is the biggest Italian expert on Nocciola, and has decided to organise an exclusive Master reserved to those “nocciogolosi” (lovers of nocciola) who have made a candidacy to promote the Italian nocciola around the world.
We have received your request to take part in the Master and we would request you to send us your curriculum and possible references for the final selection. The places are limited, and we wish you the best luck.  Break a hazelnut! Pardon, Break a leg!
In this gastronomic story, Irma plays herself, as she is the biggest expert of Nocciola in Italy. She is a charming and competent professional who will explain to you everything related to the nocciola in an authentic and professional way. You will find a delicious and tasty product, able to give you “happiness”, it’s scientifically tested as nocciola releases endorphin, the enzyme of happiness!

- A welcoming refreshment with coffee, bread and spreadable cream of Italian nocciola
- Handing of a curriculum module to be filled in by the participants
- Entrance to the professional kitchen with a tasting scheme and sensorial analysis tools
- Tasting and organoleptic analysis of nocciola with compilation of the sensory scheme
- Exam on the nocciola for the candidates
- A cooking lesson, exclusively on the use of nocciola, participants will be guided in the preparation phase of a first course meal and a dessert
- Wine pairing  with a guided tasting
- Cooking final exams with prize awarding
- Final feast with a toast and shared lunch
- Giving of a participation certificate


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