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Nocturnal tour of Castelsardo

Nocturnal tour of Castelsardo with tasting of typical products

A different experience!

Castelsardo is a charming coastal town whose destiny has always been linked to the sea. In ancient times it was both a defence post and a strategic watch point. The old town, perched on a hill beside the sea, has preserved its medieval fortress structure, with soaring bastions, steep stairways and a maze of narrow streets and alleys.
On top of the plateau rises the Doria castle, which houses the Museum of Medi-terranean Weaving.
A short walk from the castle stands the 14th century cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, with its tall bell tower topped by a dome in coloured majolica tiles. On the slopes of the Castello stands the Medieval church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with a wooden crucifix of the Black Christ dating from the 14th century.

Duration: 2 h

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