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Professional cooking class in Florence

Professional cooking class in Florence

Bring home your new Italian cooking skills!

Learn how to make and choose a customized 4-courses menu (pasta, pizza, meat, fish, vegetarian, gluten-free etc - your reservation).
Bring home your new Italian cooking skills to impress your family and friends!  

Some examples of Tuscan/Italian cuisine dishes you can choose to learn:
- Italian pasta with sauces: Pappardelle with wild boar ragù, Pici pasta with tomato and garlic sauce, Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli, Tuscan-Style Beef and Veal Ragu, Garlic and Parsley Sauce and much more.
- Meat menu: Peposo alla Fornacina, Ravioli In Duck Ragu, wine-braised pork with olives...
- Fish and seafood: steamed seppia, mussels marinated with special mousse, tuna steak in spices...
- Vegetarian: vegetarian steak, potatoes and truf-fle soufflé, standart risotto with basil, saffron rice and Tri-fola "risòtt giald" ...
- Gluten-free menu or Pizza menu (3 types)
- Each town or area in Tuscany has a soup that has become their specialty and following old traditions: Tuscan soup, Ribollita, papa al pomodoro etc.
- Appetizers: stewed artichokes in white wine with Tuscan bread, Italian bruschetta, Asagio dip with crostini
- Desserts, pastry: jam crostata, pan forte di Siena, can-tucci di Prato and many more.
Duration: 3h 30 min

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