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Visit of Atrani

Visit of Atrani

A smile of houses on the coast!

The beauty of Atrani lies in the choreography of the beach around it and the intricate maze of houses, built practically on top of each other, that make it look like a nativity scene, especially at night with the lights glimmering. In the daytime, the tiny streets sometimes seem to disappear behind the houses, only to reappear suddenly, widening into a small square, where the light of the sun can finally shine freely. Very near to Amalfi, Atrani is the coastal village that has best preserved its original medieval structure of narrow streets, arches, courtyards, small squares, and the typical scalinatelle, or stairways. It has a small, sheltered, secluded beach, from which the "lampare" boats leave in the evening for night fishing. At night, the myriad lights of the lampare on the sea is the prettiest sight one will ever find of the Mediterranean.

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