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Visit of Navelli Abruzzo

Visit of Navelli

The village of one thousand windows!

The village of Navelli unexpectedly appears lying on the hill, with its thousand windows looking  down, watching quietly over the valley.
Situated by an ancient sheep track that w as covered every autumn by flocks of sheep. Navelli was a village of shepherds and farmers that became rich through trading saffron.
The history of Navelli is told through the stones and decorations that give it its refined look, its architecture is made up of arches that rose on the narrow streets and that linked the houses to each other; these additional spaces overlooking the street were very important when families were large.  Navelli is also represented by other traces of the past such as old writings on the wall referring to past events, the blackened wall suggesting the presence of the communal bakery house, and the blacksmiths or the winery where grape must was cooked.

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