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visit of the underground Tridentum

Visit of Tridentum

Ancient Roman underground city in the center of Trento!

In the subsoil of the historic center of the ancient Trento, lies Tridentum, a city founded by the Romans in the mid-first century. B.C. and defined splendidum municipium by Emperor Claudius in 46 AD.  Through the centuries the city suffered interventions and modifications until it was incorporated in Trento medieval and modern. After researches and archaeological excavations, it was possible to bring to light and make it visited some areas of the old town. Through a fasci-nating and charming path you can admire spaces and public and private buildings: the remains of a tower, part of a local red stone paved street, sidewalks, sewers, parts of houses that looked out on the road with domestic spaces, mo-saics, underfloor heating systems, courtyards, a well perfectly preserved and the shop of a glazier, the shop of a vintner and many other curiosities that will allow you to make a wonderful trip back in time.

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