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Visita Pitigliano

Pitigliano castello orsini


The Little Jerusalem
Known as "little Jerusalem" for its Jewish quarter and the synagogue, the enchanting borgo of Pitigliano is perched on a spectacular outcrop of tufa. Already inhabited in Etruscan times and greatly important town in the Middle Ages, Pitigliano owes its Renaissance urban structure to the Orsini family that, after inheriting the castle, provided for its complete renovation and the construction of many important buildings. The historic center is full of architectural wonders, including the main square which offers a spectacular view, the Medicean Fountain with five arches and in front of it a 17th century aqueduct made from “tufa” that passes over an old moat with a majestic arch. From the square, three parallel streets enter the borgo, intersected by a series of picturesque alleys, characterized by staircases, little arcades and decorations from the 16th century.


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